The Roman Baths of Bath


In 43 AD the romans while building a road found Bath which was a natural hot springs, the only one in the British Isles. The Romans built the Roman Baths and then after 400 years left. Saxons built a graveyard over the baths and later it was found once again. The waters are believed to have healing powers.  In the town of Bath Jane Austin, the author, lived for a bit, and one of the oldest homes can be found there as well a current brioche bread and tea room that has been standing since 14 AD.

On our way there it was pretty hilly and my cousin and I both felt a little queasy by the time our bus pulled into the main circle, it couldn’t. Due to the rules of the town buses are no longer allowed to park, and can only drop off or pick up for a limited time, around 5 minutes or less so if we missed the bus we would have to find another way back to London. Our tour guide gave us little tokens to get in.


There use to be 5 baths in bath. Tourism is their biggest industry.  The water still steams because it’s connected to a hot springs. All the water you see in the baths is pretty gross, but the tour guides told us people still try and sneak a sip, but suggested we avoided the water until we got to the end where if we wanted they had a fountain with treated water and we could taste it. I decided to try a bit with one of the paper cups they offered. It was a bit sulfurous tasting. It was interesting to look around the baths at the all of the artifacts they’d put up on display and read about the history of the baths and the area. I’m glad we had a chance to check it out.


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