Shaker’s Village of Pleasant Hill

Between 1805 and 1910 some 3,000 acres of land past winding roads and surrounded by magical ancient lime stone fences  was home to the third largest Shaker community. You can do a variety of stuff at the village, even stay at the Inn which is about 13 different restored Shaker buildings. (About $110 per night) … Continue reading Shaker’s Village of Pleasant Hill

Kentucky Fudge Company at Dedman’s Pharmacy

A short distance from the fort in Harrodsburg  is a place called Dedman's. Once a drugstore built during the civil war with a soda fountain added during prohibition has now been refurbished by the Kentucky Fudge Company. While named Kentucky Fudge Company does not mean all the serve is fudge. They have a pretty big menu … Continue reading Kentucky Fudge Company at Dedman’s Pharmacy