Wanderlust episode 7: Ghost Stories

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Happy (early) Halloween. In this epsiode I’m joined by Monica, who works for the American Library Association and is a host on Pinky and a Sip podcast. She’s a fan of everything spooky and true crime, and has plenty of her own real-life ghost stories to tell from her travels.

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Please note as ghosts and true-crime are mentioned some of the content discussed may be triggering: murder, suicide, ghostly attachments/hauntings are mentioned within this episode.

Cool and Haunted places mentioned in this episode:


Monica’s hometown has a long history of ghosts

Chicago History Museum: This museum is where Monica once interned and where she had several ghost experiences, from haunted items, attachments, to getting a guest mixed up with an actual ghost. While the Chicago History Museum isn’t known as a Haunted location, due to its large collection of items there’s always the chance for something interesting to show up. It’s also just a great place to explore if you want to know more about Chicago.

University of Chicago: Monica went to high school on this college campus and it was riddled with strange sounds and ghosts as well as a murder. Also home to the World’s Fair.

Edgar Allen Poe’s House- The 1800’s American writer/poet’s home is not home to Edgar Allen Poe’s ghost, but it is home to something else…or someone else.

The Virgin Islands

Monica traveled here with her parents for their wedding anniversary.

Traveling with her parents, Monica and her family visited an old sugar cane plantation that was a very emotional experience.

Bath England

Monica studied abroad in Bath

While in Bath, England Monica had many encounters with supernatural and spooky spirits. She thinks it’s due to its long history and nearness to Stonehenge that the strange has become a common occurrence in Bath. Her most frequent ghost was found in the Francis Hotel where she stayed before moving into the dorms and also as an occasional treat to herself.


Monica’s parents surprised her with a trip to Paris while she was studying in Bath.

No ghosts, just a fun trip with her family that she loved.

True Crime Mentioned in this Episode:


1893- Murder Castle

1923- Leopold and Loeb

1929- St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

1966- 8 Nurses Murdered

Dream Trip:

Spooky Book Recommendations

I couldn’t let Monica go without giving me her book recommendations, she does work for the American Library Association after all.

“The Merciless” by Danielle Vega spooked Monica so much that she hid it on her bookshelf. She says it’s a mix of Mean Girls, The Craft, and Heathers.

Have you seen Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? To an extent this comic book series from Archie comics is what the TV series is based off of. So if you want more, but this time with Betty and Veronica as witches then check out the comics.

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson is one of Monica’s favorite scary stories.

Want to take the quiz Monica took? You can do so here.

Want more of Monica? You can find her on Instagram or Twitter. Or you can check her out on her podcast Pinky and a Sip which also has an Instagram and Twitter. And coming soon in November Monica is starting a blog full of restaurant reviews called Soulful Palate Reviews, which also has an Instagram.

Have you ever seen a ghost or had a weird unexplainable supernatural experience? Let’s talk about it. Share it with me on twitter @wanderlustpod or in the comments below.

Have a safe and wonderful Halloween and remember this year on Halloween (October 31st 2020) there is a blue moon which essentially means a second full moon within a season or month. The moon will be big and bright so make sure to check it out if you can.

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