Adventuring Bibliophile: A reading goal

I’m leaving Korea. I had already figured I’d be leaving after my mother died last year. I was too shocked to leave that year and figured this would be my last. But there was a 1% chance I might stay. And that 1% chance got snipped this week. The city I work in, the new one I moved to, just lost all of its funding for native English teachers to teach at public schools. Which is essentially my job. It means a lot of things and I’ll go into all of that in a post at a later time.

But either way it means I’ve got a lot of packing to do. I’ve got a lot of decisions to make. What of the 5 years of my life in Korea is going home with me? Where is home even? (My parents have moved to a small apartment and are moving again in the near future and my aunt outside of Chicago has all my stuff. But she also plans to move at some indeterminable near future date.) Where will I even send my stuff? Where will I go? A lot of I don’t knows right there. But one thing I can for sure focus on is dealing with my book collection.

When I moved to Korea I promised myself I wouldn’t buy books, I would read them on my Nook. And then that was a bit too difficult and then my nook stopped letting me download books. So I adjusted my promise to myself not to buy books that I cared too deeply about. I could not get attached because I knew eventually I’d have to go home. I do not want to ship a lot of books home. So instead I’ve decided that I have to read them all before I go.

This however doesn’t mean I’m going home without ANY books. I did fail at my not buying books I wanted to keep rule. But thankfully the number is small.

My contract ends February 29th so I have a couple months. I’ve decided to write about it here, on Thursdays and Sundays in order to help motivate myself. Normal travel posts will still be on Wednesdays and Fridays, but no longer on Sundays. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile. I have so many journal entries of book reviews that I’ve wanted to share and I want to talk about all these not new books I’ve been reading. (Because I usually cannot find new books in Korea) And to be honest I’ve spent months trying to create a separate blog for it only to get increasingly frustrated with various different blogging platforms. What I realized was it felt silly to buy or put a ton of effort into making a new blog separate just for books. Why go through all that time and work when I have a blog that I have curated exactly to my taste for so long? Especially when that time could be spent reading or exploring?

I did however create a new Instagram. The reasoning was like wanting to post book reviews and talk about books on some platform for such a long time, I’ve also wanted to post pictures somewhere of the books I’m reading while I’m traveling or out and exploring. It’s just a whole lot easier to make a new Instagram then it is to make a new blog from scratch. You can check it out here.

I’m also going to link my Goodreads to my blog, so you can see what I’m currently reading.

I’m going to try and do things that fit into three different categories.

  •  Book reviews (self explanatory)
  • To Be Read (TBR)
  • Bookishly Miscellaneous

For TBR I want to talk about the books I have on my shelf. What is the first overall goal or what’s my reading challenge, where did I find English books while living abroad, why I picked these books to bring home, and what will be done with them when I finish them. Then I’m going to try and separate them into monthly TBR’s. That month’s goal of what I plan to finish and we’ll see if I accomplish it.

Bookishly Miscellaneous will include a more in-depth look into the places I buy English books in Korea or while traveling. What are my favorite Korean bookstores that carry English books? I also want to write about where I donate my books and how I decide which book goes where. Anything else bookishly related will also be categorized into this section.

I’m very excited to be writing about books and finally getting this started. I hope you enjoy it too.


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