RF Hotel

For my short holiday in Taipei I booked a couple nights at the RF hotel. To check in you have to take one of the elevators to the 7th floor. On the 7th floor are rooms, the front desk and breakfast. Breakfast is from 7am until 10pm every day and is a buffet. I’m also pretty sure every room includes breakfast. But I may be wrong.

However do be careful when getting your breakfast as some of the things may be hot. On my first morning I got porridge and the metal spoon was in the hot container and I could barely touch it because it was so hot. The bao container (for the steamed buns) also, once opened, emits a cloud of steam.


I added a random peanut-y root tasting powder to my porridge and it wasn’t awful but also not my favorite thing. The bao I tried included a cinnamon one without filling and a sesame one.


On another morning they had some interesting but very strange fruit and some lotus that I tried.


And of course more buns. I tried a bbq pork one during my stay which I didn’t enjoy and another that was filled with a sweet milk which I loved. It was a bit like custard.


I also quite loved the aesthetic of my room. The walls of the main room were very cool and I’m not sure if they’re common for all the rooms in the hotel. One side was colorful and the other was grey-scale and they met in the middle on the ceiling.

As a quick note there is a small step from the room up to the bathroom and there is a huge window in the bathroom that had a curtain I closed. I was also on the 7th floor with the breakfast space and the front desk so getting to breakfast was quite easy. All other floors require you to scan your key to get to them. Since I was on the main floor I didn’t have to worry about this.

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