Book Review: “Monsterkind” volume 1 by Taylor K.

Monsterkind is a comic I stumbled upon awhile ago. Where I don’t remember but I remember enjoying the premise a lot, which is why when the creator decided to Kickstart it and make it a book I jumped at the chance to get a physical copy.


Monsterkind is about Wallace Foster, a human social worker that essentially gets demoted from District A ( a fancy nice district) to District C which is full of monsters. The monsters in District C aren’t used to humans being around and don’t want a human there either. So in order to create change, Wallace has an uphill battle ahead of him, which starts straight away from moving into his apartment.

Since the books were kickstarted I’m not sure how wildly available they are but the comic is available online for free. You can check it out from the beginning on the Monsterkind website here. Or if you read comics on Hiveworks, it can also be found there. The comic is still ongoing and updates on Tuesdays and Fridays, however, it hasn’t been updated in a while due to, I assume, all the work that went into Kickstarting volume 2.

I really love the premise and the series shows a lot of promise. So I was very excited to sit down and crack open volume 1 that’s been sitting in boxes while I’d been in South Korea. What I was bummed to learn though was that I’d read most of what was in the book already. Volume one is 130 pages in total of the actual comic which is essentially only the prologue and chapter 1, but it also includes fan art and plenty of extras which is quite fun while holding the actual novel.

I don’t know why but for some reason I thought there’d be a lot more that I hadn’t read yet and was bummed when it was over. Which is good! It is essentially the beginning, an introduction to Wallace, some hints on how he ended up in District C, a bit of world-building as well as set up for his upcoming struggle of trying to help people who don’t want his help because he’s human.

Part of me was hoping to just read them as they came out in physical form but Kickstarter can move fairly slow and seeing as I missed volume 2 I just went ahead and caught up by reading online.  The comic has been on hiatus since November 2019  which means I’m just going to have to patiently wait. I’m still very excited for the prospects of what’s going to happen and I like the art style and the characters and their interactions, so if you’re looking for a comic to read online this one might be fun, and you can join me in waiting for the next page.

Do you read any comics online? If so what ones and where? I’m looking for recommendations.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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