There are two Cafecito restaurant in Chicago, the one I’ve been to the most is located at 26 East Congress. It’s a Cuban restaurant next to a hostel so it can get pretty busy. The most recent time I went was to catch up with a friend over tea and a quick lunch. I’ve only eaten at Cafecito twice. The first time I got the elveez when my sister was visiting, it’s a sandwich with sweet plantains, guava, and peanut butter. This time I ordered the dopa vieja which is a sandwich with slow roasted skirt steak, sweet plantains, black beans and a tomato creole sauce. It was kinda messy but really good, the plantains gave the sandwich a nice change of pace.



When my friend had to run off to work after a cup of their cafe con leche which is one of his favorites, I stayed behind with a couple hours to kill, so I ordered their hot chocolate and read a book. The hot chocolate was really smooth and sweet and a good combatant of the cold like the Moroccan mint tea I had had with lunch. Cafecito is a really nice Cuban restaurant to meet up with people. It can get really crowded because of this, especially since it’s near several colleges, the public library and the hostel. Since I was planning to stay at Cafecito for awhile, I asked for all of my drinks in a mug.


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