The Indian Garden


The Indian Garden is located at 247 East Ontario Street. It’s on the second floor, I only saw stairs to get to it, so I’m unaware at how handicapped friendly it is. I went with friends for lunch and after looking through the menu and at the buffet we ended up all getting the buffet. The buffet is about $14 of all you can eat and they bring baskets of naan. My favorite Indian food is yellow dal and samosas and both were in the buffet. I’m not sure if the food for the buffet is the same every day or not. I’d assume it isn’t. The food is not marked spicy or not which was a bit of a problem since I accidentally filled my plate with things I assumed would be mild and ended up being really spicy. I probably should have just gotten smaller amounts and lots of rice. I tried one of their dal dishes, chicken murg curry, samosa’s and a potato dish. The dal dish had a delayed kick that was strong and despite how much I enjoyed the spices the spicy kinda numbed my tongue, ruining anything else I tried to eat until I cooled off my tastebuds. The potato dish and the samosa’s were also spicy. The chicken murg curry was probably my favorite, the chicken was soft and tender and more spices than spicy, making it easier to eat.


The atmosphere at the Indian Garden was nice, the only thing to keep in mind is that the lunch buffet ends at 3pm and the restaurant is closed until dinner starts at 5pm.


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