Eggs ‘n Things

Eggs ‘n things is a breakfast restaurant located in Hawaii, Guam and in Japan. They specialize in Hawaiian food and breakfast though offer other things as well. While I was in Japan they were offering Halloween specials so I decided to try a few. I ordered their Trick Blood pancakes (1,680 ¥) and Halloween drink (650 ¥). (These along with a Halloween burger are being offered until the 31st of October.)


The trick blood pancakes are a bright purple color sweet potato sauce which was a bit much and there was a strawberry jam in the center which put the sugar profile over the top.  They also offer three types of syrup; regular, coconut and guava. The coconut syrup was a lot of fun to try, and I imagine utterly delicious on other pancakes.


The Halloween drink was blue lemonade that comes with a syringe filled with strawberry sauce. It’s fun to shoot the strawberry sauce into the drink and watch it float to the bottom, but I wouldn’t say it was the best drink.

The menu is available in English and full of plenty of other options, like eggs, waffles, and more normal pancakes, crepes and french toast. There is also free wifi. They’re open from 9am until 10pm with last order at 9pm. It’s also close to the Dōtonbori and located in Shinsaibashi.

2 thoughts on “Eggs ‘n Things

  1. Wow looks so cute!!! I would have problems eating cute food, in my head I’ll have a fight ‘eat it, do t eat it!’ Haha!

    1. It was very cute and festive, thankfully because I was starving I was able to dig in. Usually I try and take a lot of pictures to help with the “It’s cute I can’t eat it!” problem. It helps- sometimes. ^_^

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