Millennium Park/Grant Park

Millennium Park can be found lining the eastern side of Michigan Avenue and along the Lake. It's a beautiful place to walk through, though it in itself is somewhat small, the park tends to bleed into other parks or green spots. Millennium Park eventually also turns into Maggie Daley Park and Grant Park and then [...]

Taste of Chicago

Taste of Chicago is a summer festival that happens in Grant Park and has been going on since 1980. If you're in town for a short amount of time during the summer and want to try as much food as possible without traversing the city this is probably the best thing for you. To buy [...]

Brasserie by LM

Brasserie by LM can be found on Michigan and is near the Essax Inn. It is a French restaurant that plays calming French music and has a nice brunch variety.You can have a savory crepe, and European breakfast, a endless memosa brunch, or you can just get pancakes.My friend got the  European breakfast of cheese, meat, [...]