Český Krumlov

Our last tour of our trip was to Český Krumlov. A beautiful 13th Century city that's been being restored over the past decade. The Vlatava river cuts through the city and brings a lot of people for canoe trips, however there is a section of the river that isn't safe, and when we went to Český Krumlov that [...]

Kutná Hora and Sedlec Ossuary

One of our outings while in Prague was to Kutná Hora and Kostnice v Sedlci (the Sedlec Ossuary). We started our trip off at the Ossuary. An Ossuary is a final resting place for human skeletal remains. It's used when space is limited. The Sedlec Ossuary contains  the remains an estimated amount of  40,000 people. Originally the [...]


Part of our time in Prague included trips outside of the city. Our first trip was to Terezín, the Theresienstadt concentration camp. We took a bus out of the city from our hostel towards the camp. Our tour guide told us if we wanted to take any pictures inside the fortress we would have to pay, so [...]