David’s Tea

David’s Tea can be found in many places around the United States and Canada. There are three in Chicago, one in Lake View, one in Lincoln Park, and one in Wicker Park as of now anyway. For my birthday a friend dragged me around Wicker Park, showing me all of her favorite places that she thought I would like. Our first stop was David’s Tea. We got there right before a rush of people and the workers were friendly. A young woman asked what kind of tea I liked and worked quickly, pulling cans off of the shelf for me to smell and telling me about each of the teas. She ended up making me one of their holiday blends called cocomint, she put milk and agave in it and it was wonderful. The cocomint tea was blend of mostly coconut and peppermint. We spent a lot of time talking. My friend got their Glitter and Gold tea which actually sparkles when it’s brewed.


The above tea is my cocomint that the shop gave me for my birthday, below is the glitter and gold tea.


The store is set up so that there are large windows so you can see in or sit on furniture and look out. There is one main aisle with a counter to the left behind which the workers will get your teas or make you tea from their large canisters that snap back so you can smell a sample and they can remove that lid to scoop out some. The right is a wall filled with gifts and accessories, such as tea cocktail sets and cold remedy teas. They have little brochures so a person could check off the teas they’ve tried and what they’ve thought of the tea. They also have seasonal teas, such as the cocomint cream tea I tried, it’s one of their winter holiday choices so is limited for the shop. I purchased some sample packages and in comparison to other places I’ve purchased tea, Adagio still wins on the amount of tea you get for price. But the shop is super cute and the workers are friendly.


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