Argo Tea


Argo Tea is a shop that pervades Chicago like Starbucks does most places within the United States, though Chicago has a ton of those as well. (Argo Tea can be found in a couple other cities around the world) Argo Tea is basically Starbucks, but for Tea. There are about 5 Argo Tea’s within the Loop, and several outside of the Loop. Their menu’s tend to subtly change, with the different flavors to go with the different kind of teas and you can get either cold or hot tea and then your choice of milk. They also usually have the Barista’s choice and the seasonal flavor, such as during the Autumn a Pumpkin Chai, or during December a FrostTEA (it’s white chocolate and mint) and Febuaray brings out the Valentea Passion (hibiscus and passion fruit). The shops also tend to have different tea wares for sale, such as pots, containers, cups, tea infusers, loose leaf tea, and more. They also have food.  The only food of theirs I’ve had has been the Chai Cherry Chicken sandwich that a friend who works there brought back for me to try. It was delicious, it included a chai infused cherry and apples with the chicken. If I want hot tea to go Argo Tea is usually where I go, especially if I have errands to run because there is usually one around. They also have a rewards program so after a certain amount purchased you receive a free drink. You can also receive with this program a free small tea during the month of your birthday.


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