Hoosier Mama Pie Company


My friend lives in the neighborhood of this Hoosier Mama Pie Company and has told me how dangerous it has been, being so close to so many delicious pies. The shop is cute and small, a mint green  with many cook books around. It has  three places to sit, one in the window that is super cozy and good for a small group, one by the door and one in front of the counter, both able to fit maybe two people each.


While we waited in line my friend told me how wonderful the pies were and studied the menu to figure out which one we would get. Her favorite was  the coconut cream pie and we searched the menu for it but we’re unable to find it. They had pumpkin pie, apple pie, chocolate cream pie, chocolate chess pie, coconut custard, some savory quiches and pies and so many options that I’m sure change by day and season. They sell them by slice or by pie. They even make little pies that would be great for about four people to each have ones slice or for one person to enjoy on their own. We spotted a small coconut cream pie in the front case and ordered it to split. While we were ordering there was an explosion of people so we decided to take the pie to go.


With only a knife the pie was a little hard to maneuver at home. The crust reminded me a bit of the taste of a buttermilk biscuit. On top of it was a layer of coconut then the cream which was made with vanilla bean mixed in. It was really good. We ate about three fourths of the pie in one sitting.

DSCN2999The Hoosier Mama Pie company we went to is located in the Ukrainian Village  at 1618 1/2 Chicago Avenue. They are closed on Mondays. They take special orders as long as they’re given at least a 2 day advanced notice. During the holidays it’s best to put orders in way in advance since they get busy and have to eventually stop taking orders.

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