Meli Cafe


There are three locations for the Meli Cafe. The one I’ve been to is in the Loop at 500 S Dearborn St. The Meli Cafe is a greek restaurant, with Meli coming from the greek word for honey. I’ve been twice to that same location. The first time was when a friend and her parents took me out, because it’s one of their favorite places and they were so excited about the new location. I’ve gotten the same thing both times. The atmosphere is elegant and classy and it’s connected to the Hotel Blake.


The restaurant is a brunch place and juice bar. I ordered their Orange, banana, strawberry and honey juice blend and their traditional french toast. Their french toast is made with honey sweetened challah bread and dipped in a vanilla bean custard. They bring each person one shot glass full of syrup and it costs extra for an additional glass of syrup.


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