Cafe Balkón

One of my classmates spoke about Cafe Balkón all the time. He went pretty much every day he could and would sit on the balcony and write or use the wifi. In my head I viewed it as a two story cafe with white balconies that overlooked the street, with a sort of classy look to it. I finally ended up going while we worked on putting a zine together. It wasn’t what I imagined. I got a lemonade and died a little from the heat. We sat on the balcony which was like an inside loft. It was just a second level to the shop, like the Globe has. Only the Globe is air conditioned. Sitting upstairs probably made the heat worse. But my classmate absolutely loved it.

Cafe Balcon (Cafe Balcony) is located at Milady Horakove 22, 170 00 Praha 7


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