¡Bang Bang! pie shop


Bang Bang is a pie shop in Logan Square located about three blocks away from the blue California CTA stop at 2051 North California Avenue.  They make homemade pies and biscuits. Their pie menu changes based off of season and so it changes frequently. They don’t serve their pies until about 10am and the quantity they have is limited. When I went which was late afternoon several of their pies were sold out.


We went on a hot day and were hoping for air conditioning and found none so instead of sitting inside we sat outside in the backyard where they had picnic tables with white umbrellas set out. They were busy taking care of catering and getting ready for an event, but we enjoyed the backyard and people brought their dogs.


My friend and I both ordered the same pie, the brown butter chess which was a cream pie and wonderful. Their plates are fun because it looks like a paper plate but is actually a hard plastic.


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