Medieval Times


At work, as a Residential Advisor, we occasionally have Fun Days where we go out and do things. They’ve given us tickets to the Sky Deck, taken us to Dave and Busters a couple times ( a large arcade, fun for everyone), and given us tickets to the movies, taken us to Santa’s Village ( a paintball range), whirly ball ( you ride is a go-cart on a basketball court with a lacrosse stick and have to toss a wiffle ball through the basketball net for your team to score a point)


We’ve gone go-karting and played a giant game of twister with too few people to fill out the entire mat, went to Odyssey fun world (which is a arcade like Dave and Busters but smaller and minus the laser tag, miniature golf, and go-karts is rather run down). This year, my final year as a Residential Advisor they took us to Medieval Times, a diner and tournament. The one we went to (since there are a few throughout the country/world) is located at 2001 North Roselle Road, Schaumburg Illinois. Medeival Times performances is set in 11th Century Spain with six knights competing for the title of kings champion.


We sat in the the yellow and red section so we cheered for that knight. The knights joust and do tricks and fight to protect the land from evil. There is also food served.  For dinner you are brought a mug full of drink, tomato bisque soup, half of an oven-roasted chicken, garlic bread, spare rib, and herb-roasted potato. Later you are brought a pastry. You eat with your hands and there is vegetarian options.


Knights are also give flowers that they can bestow to people within the crowd. It’s a fun dinner and a show and it was nice to enjoy it with my coworkers.

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