Grafton Arms


When I won my trip to London and the dates were set I got tried to get ahold of a couple friends I knew were in London. Two got back to me and we made plans to get together.  One was studying abroad outside of London and took the trains in to meet my cousin and I for dinner. We didn’t have anything particular planned and since she didn’t have a phone that worked in London we had some trouble meeting up. So my cousin and I would pop out of the gift shop next to the London Eye and search for her before popping in for warmth. Dear workers of the gift shop across from the London Eye, thank you for not kicking us out. Eventually when we were about to give up we popped into one more place nearby and found her trying to get wifi to try and get a hold of us. We walked for awhile and took the train to try and go to a restaurant that only occasionally serves dinner (it wasn’t that night) and after more wandering we ended up Grafton Arms.  There are a couple throughout London, this one be careful with the door.


It was a cozy, dark, somewhat sleepy pub and we sat at a table by the bar. I ordered bangers and mash, finishing off the list my cousin gave me of food I had to eat in London. (English Breakfast at Cappadocia Cafe and Bistro and Fish and Chips at the Albert)


The Bangers and Mash I had was sausage, onto of mashed potatoes, gravy and sticky onion chutney. I loved it, my cousin was surprised at how good it was in comparison to the other ones she’s had. (She got the same thing).


I also decided to get dessert.  I ordered the Treacle Sponge with warm vanilla custard.  I liked it but my friend and cousin thought it was super rich.

To order food we looked over the menu and then walked over to the bar and ordered there and gave our table number and paid. When it was ready they brought it over.

Note: the second floor of the Grafton Arms we went to is where Spike Milligan and others from the Goons used and where the Goon Show was written.

I liked the Grafton Arms, enjoyed the food and had fun catching up with my friend. Just be cautious with the door.

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