Chicago Architecture Foundation

The Chicago Architecture Foundation can be found at 224 South Michigan Avenue.  There are golden doors with glass and within those doors is probably one of the best gift shops I’ve ever been in. The Chicago Architecture Foundation was founded in 1966 and has grown from not just saving buildings in the city but hosting over 85 different tours throughout the city led by extensively trained volunteers. These tours vary from walking, biking, segway, buses, and cruises, all that help tour groups learn the history and beauty of the design and architecture of Chicago.

While spending the day with a friend wandering around and her showing me all of her favorite spots in the Loop she took me to the Chicago Architecture Foundation Shop. I’d walked past it probably over a hundred times and as soon as we walked in I was amazed by the amount of stuff that they were selling. I had expected books and posters and t-shirts that most gift shops sell with information about the architecture of Chicago, or even just the famous buildings.  They did have that, but they also had a ridiculous amount of cooking supplies like voodoo cookie baking sheets, octopus ice cube trays, and submarine tea balls. If everything wasn’t mildly expensive I probably would have left with my arms full. However their proceeds go towards their foundation which is a good thing. It allows them to keep hosting events like Open House Chicago which allows people to have free access to beautiful historical buildings across Chicago that are usually closed to the public for one weekend every October. This next Open House Chicago will be happening October 18/19th.

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