Timbuk2 is located at 1623 North Damen Avenue. There are a few stores in other places (such as Singapore, Seattle, and San Franscisco) The shop was started in San Fanscisco by a bike messenger and has grown since. They mostly make bags. I had heard about them because they hosted what sounded like a fun shop opening, however I had to work, but recently while needing to waste time before meeting up with friends I stumbled upon their shop in Wicker Park. They had kettle corn and beer set out. It was fun to look around, however their bags tend to be pretty expensive, but they come with a lifetime guarantee. They also sell bags for carrying your small dog or cat, and have a travel bag for coffee lovers that includes a kit of supplies to help make a cup of coffee wherever you happen to be. Their other shops, like the ones in Seattle and San Francisco have a bike share program where you bring your drivers license and a credit card (in case something happens) and they’ll set you up with a bike, helmet, one of their bags and a lock so you can ride off and do errands for free. It’s a cool shop if you need a bag, or want to customize a bag for your own needs and it’s fun to see that they haven’t changed from their creation as a shop that makes bags for busy people who ride bikes.

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