Daiso 다이소

At the moment Daiso (다이소) is one of my favorite places to buy stuff cheap. I don’t know if there are any nearby but if I’m downtown and I need something I usually pop in. Daiso was suggested to me at the teacher’s welcome party. It’s a Japanese store like a dollar store and can be found globally. They’re usually about three stories and packed with stuff. I need curtains because I live on the first floor and have giant windows that see into my entire apartment from the outside (where people park) and got a decent sized shower curtain that gives me some privacy. I bought nail polish remover, laundry detergent, hangers, candy for my students, and aloe vera for sun burns. They also sell kitchen supplies, towels (Korean size which is essentially a US sized hand towel),  mats, figurines, gardening supplies, beauty supplies, snacks, drinks, and cleaning supplies. If you need any essentials and don’t want to break the bank Daiso seems to be the place to go.

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