Janny Crepe House

After a really disappointing dinner, I was still relatively hungry. We decided to find a popular cafe that was on our (long) list of cafes. But we ended up circling the area a couple times and were unable to find it.  Since we couldn’t find it I opted for going back to the hostel and if we saw something cool on the way we’d go in and I’d grab something quick to eat. We ended up finding the perfect thing.

We found a crepe house in Sinsa-dong near Garosugil called Janny Crepe House that served ice cream macaroons. I studied the menu for a bit, a bit disturbed at the option of cheese ice cream before going in. Janny Crepe House is small, with a limited amount of seating. Behind the counter was the largest collection of Disney Princess and Prince barbie style dolls I’ve ever seen. I ordered one of my favorite ice cream flavors, cookies and cream (specifically Oreo) and they let me pick the color of the macaroon. I picked blue. It was huge.


We sat and I charged my phone and ate the ice cream macaroon. After awhile they offered me water and it was peaceful until a lot of people came in and ordered stuff. But I already had my food and a seat so it was fine. Their crepes also looked good. The blue macaroon did change the color of my tongue, but it was worth it.

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