Machebette Cafe

On our first night in Seoul while walking back from the movies and Zoo Coffee we noticed how dead everything was at 3 am (like most places). Yet since we were in Seoul, specifically near Gangam there would be bubbles we’d pack just packed with people. One of the places we passed was Machebette Cafe. I pointed it out because I was surprised to see Tweety bird but my friend got really excited because it was on her list of cafes. Machebette Cafe is owned by Warner Brothers and is lightly themed with their characters. There are actually a couple Machebette cafes in Seoul. The one we went to was 24 hours but we waited until our 4th day, walking home from the dog factory to pop in.


The Machebette Cafe near Gangam is a little bit earthy, with both outdoor seating and indoor seating. They have, if you go inside a little backyard patio for smoking or getting fresh air.


While Machebette is a themed cafe it’s not as themed as say the Line cafe. You can have your coffee in character cups or mugs, but the one we went to did your average hearts and leaves latte art rather than character art (which I think my friend was hoping for). They also serve ice cream that I’d love to go to a different one and try. They make it in shop for you when you order it, so it looks like it would be a bit of a wait.  It was nice a peaceful and not too packed.


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