Coffine Gurunaru

Coffine Gurunaru is a coffee house chain in South Korea that serves coffee and wine which is where it gets it’s name (Coff-Coffee ine-wine) I went in for a drink and ended up being enticed  by their petite snow oreo that is like patbingsu (팥빙수).  Last time I had patbingsu  it was too big for me and my friend to finish, even though we split it. So I figured if it was petite then it should be easy to finish, but it was still rather big and would have been better if I’d shared it with someone.  Traditionally patbingsu is red beans and shaved ice but this one didn’t have beans, and instead was covered in chocolate, what I assume was condensed milk, and crushed oreos. It was really good.  Coffine Gurunaru is more well known though for it’s straight from Italy wine and imported coffee, neither of which I happened to try. (I’m not a huge fan of coffee or wine.) The Coffine Gurunaru I went to had at least three floors and had a nice purple modern feel and seemed like a popular spot to hang out.


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