Shinsegae: The World’s Largest Department Store 신세계 센텀시티


Saturday our first stop was Shinsegae: The World’s Largest Department Store. It’s easy to get to from Centrum City Station off of line 2.


It has it’s own movie theater, amusement park, ice skating rink, golf course, and spa amongst all the shops and restaurants. Nathalie and I first went around the first floor to look at their cosmetics before heading off for a bit of shopping in their H&M and then lunch. We had lunch in their food court. There are huge screens that show you what the different restaurants offer and then you get in line and tell them at a kiosk the number of what you want. At the kiosk there are physical menus in English to help you out. We split a kimbap meal which came with soup, 5 different types of kimbap, some spicy side dishes and kimchi. One  was spicy but the rest were amazing. We sat next to the ice rink and watched them clean the rink before it was flooded with kids, some having lessons. The food court we ate at and ice rink are on the 4th floor.



After lunch we got smoothies at Smoothie King which were amazingly refreshing and went off to explore the rest of the mall. We spent a lot of time on a floor that  was a book store/art box/hottracks . We were unable to find our way out on that floor to see what else was there. We watched some moving art in one of the galleries, found ourselves lost on a floor where they have an academy and local classes.  This department store really felt like a mall, one we could have gotten lost in for days. It makes sense it holds  Guinness World Record.

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