Gasuto ガスト


My friend had to be up for work and gone by 6am and since I didn’t want to miss out on breakfast I got up with her. We walked a couple blocks towards the station to a Gasuto ガスト. It’s a chain restaurant, a bit like a Japanese Denny’s (as my friend said). Sometimes the restaurant is written in English as Gusto.


I ordered eggs with a side of salad that came with a huge piece of toast. I also ordered a banana. I’m not really a big fan of eggs, or a salad person, but my friend loved it. The egg yolks are runny and it was pretty good on toast. Though I was plenty happy with just the toast with jam and a banana. It was too much food for me. When we ordered our food it came with all access to their drinks. I stuck to mostly water until my friend told me I had to try to melon soda.


Nothing like radioactive green soda at 6am. It was pretty good though so I’m glad I decided to try it.

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