Ueno Park

After melting in the museum I left and darted from shady place to shady place in Ueno Park. I liked that Ueno Park was filled with museums and art. With about 7 different museums on the grounds, a concert hall, international childrens library and a zoo there is plenty to see and do. But after leaving the museum and enjoy some statues my first point of business was to get some water so I popped into the Starbucks. It was pretty packed so a worker came up to me in line, gave me a menu in English and once I told her what I wanted she wrote it down for me to give the barista.

Unlike in Korea, a lot of my time was spent in Starbucks while in Tokyo. Mostly because their wifi is easier to use/access. My friend had suggested going in and trying the flavors that are limited time only. Like their peach frappe which tended to be sold out a lot, and their cookie frappe.

a peach frappe my friend and I split, it was delicious
cookie frappe and water at the zoo

It was really refreshing to just sit in a cafe and look out the window for awhile before going back out into the heat. And luckily by the time I left it was overcast and a bit cooler.




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