Cafe Mugiwara

When we’d visited the Tokyo Tower the evening before we passed a One Piece themed shop and cafe and I really wanted to go back and see them when they were open. So after trying on Yukata’s in Harujuku we headed back to the Tokyo Tower to have lunch. We grabbed a menu and waited in line at Cafe Mugiwara. The cafe is open from 9:30 am until 10 pm with last order at 9:30 pm.

While in line for the cafe we noticed that there was a restaurant as well. My friend went and asked about it while I waited in line and found out it was reservation only until about 5pm. We didn’t understand why until we were on our way out and saw how long the line was.  The restaurant is Sanji’s Oresama Restaurant and is buffet that requires a ticket to get in. It’s ¥2,000(without tax) for adults. (about $20)

At Cafe Mugiwara we looked through an English menu and decided on our food. I ordered Luffy’s usual meat on the bone with fries and Brook’s Song cookie and cream drink. My friend ordered their Nami’s tangerine curry. Both were pretty good. There were a lot of other options, especially in the way of drinks and desserts. They even served alcohol.

After eating we went to the shop next door and looked around. I decided on two things, a mug and a postcard. They had a ton of options, everything for shirts, manga, and figurines to bath salts.

Before we left we went on a hunt for wifi that led us up another floor and thus found out that the One Piece theme didn’t end with just a cafe, restaurant and shop, but included an entire amusement park. We didn’t have time for it, but luckily it’s not a temporary but a permanent. So hopefully I’ll get to go again and check out the rest of the One Piece exhibit.


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