Tokyo Wrap-up (till next time)

My trip to Tokyo was very last minute and like most last minute trips crammed to the brim with stuff. Even despite the misadventures of getting lost after the Obon festival and coming back to the hotel room at 1 am to find the door propped open and that mystery never being solved, I had a good time. I got to explore and try traditional foods (most of which sadly made me nauseous which I think was a difference in the oils that I’m not use to, the heat, and exhaustion) I loved trying random drinks at the convenience stores, like yogurt flavored water which is probably now one of my favorite drinks. It was nice that all the convenience stores in Tokyo had wifi and the 711’s tend to have phones that you can use to get help if you’re a foreigner. Even exchanging money at a bank was pretty easy, I just went to a Mizuho bank and they had a section specifically for exchanging currency.

It was a great taste of Japan and I look forward to going back and seeing more and doing more. The flights back and forth were really nice, even though they were only 2 or so hours they still included a meal and snacks and were almost long enough for a movie

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