Rabbits CoffeeLab


I’ve passed Rabbits CoffeeLab multiple times and have always wanted to go in, and finally did, in the process of saying goodbye to my friend Emily who was heading back to her home country. It isn’t particularly English friendly (i.e. the language written and spoken is mostly all Korean inside the shop) but it was a great place to sit and catch up until it got pretty late with a nice warm cup of lemon ginger tea. The yellow dust was pretty high and giving me a pretty sore throat from breathing it all in since I’d been unaware and thought I’d been living in just a cool creepy  world with fog everywhere. So the tea hit the spot. It has a nice cozy atmosphere and we sat  with some other friends and talked for hours. Rabbits CoffeeLab also has desserts and tons of books around, though I didn’t look to see if I would have been able to read any of them.


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