Trick Eye Museum

There are trick eye museums in several cities in Korea (Seoul, Busan, and Jeju) as well as in Singapore and China. They’re places where you pretty much pay money to take optical illusion photos. The one in Seoul is in Hongdae below the Love Museum. I went with a friend and while I was there it include an ice museum and the circus room. There’s also a little cafe.

I went on a weekday with a friend visiting from Chicago. We rented a locker, tossed our things in and then wandered off to look around and take photos, keeping our coats for the ice museum. There were several large groups but beyond that once there was a lull it was fun to try and take photos. There were a lot of optical illusion photos and portrait photos and even some mildly crude pieces you could pose with. But beyond taking photos there wasn’t much else to do at the museum. In the circus section there were only a few games but the games cost money and was practically dead so we didn’t stay more than the short time it took to look around. The ice museum was cold with a slide that required mats and several ice sculptures. It was all a lot smaller than we expected and not particularly something I’d feel the need to go back to.

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