Bulldogs is a British style pub in Itaewon that Nathalie and I went to for lunch. I mostly went to try their Harry Potter inspired Butterbeer. They had five flavors, original (Harry Potter), ginger (Ron Weasley), cherry (Hermione Granger), grapefruit (Luna Lovegood), and a dark/Guinness (Hagrid). After going in and finding ourselves the only ones in the entire restaurant for lunch we settled into their balcony seating, mostly because I wanted to enjoy the nice weather and because the cool air felt nice after being on packed trains so hot that a girl next to me fainted and had to be held up by her friends until a seat opened up.


I ordered the fish and chips while Nathalie tried some of the hot dogs/sausage and ordered a side of fries. The fish and chips I had were okay, a little soggy, and not the best I’ve had, but the fries were great, especially the seasoned ones Nathalie had ordered. When ordering we asked about the butter beer and I explained that I’m not really a fan of beer (or the taste of alcohol in general) and the waiter said that it mostly tastes like candy because of their special recipe. It was the first thing brought out. My original butter beer and Nathalie’s grapefruit since they were out of ginger. They also brought us popcorn that I couldn’t stop eating.


I’m not a fan of grapefruit but I tried it, and still not a fan of grapefruit but it had less of a beer aftertaste and Nathalie greatly enjoyed it. My butter beer was sweet. I loved it until the after taste of beer settled on my tongue. But I could drink it.

They have a timed hot dog contest. If you can eat the entire thing in less than 2 minutes you get it for free and a polaroid of you up on the wall.

There are two Bulldogs in Seoul. The one we went to was in Itaewon at:

서울특별시, 용산구 보광로 116 2층

116 Bogwang-ro 2nd Floor ,

Yongsan-gu, Seoul

The other is in Gangam.



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