Sangcheon-Ri Cherry Blossom Festival

In the spirit of last minute trips (or at least me being told about them last minute) my coworkers told me we were going to go see cherry blossoms. I didn’t know that there were any nearby but had spotted some behind the school so I figured after school we’d all just walk among those trees and that would be it, very unaware that there was a festival nearby at  Keunmaegol-ro in Cheongpyeong-myeon. So when we all piled into cars I was very confused. Especially as we left the city of Gapyeong.

Cherry blossom season up until this point had become a weekly thing. From going to the palace then to the park and the next week ending up at the local cherry blossom festival I was ready to be done with them. Especially since Yeoido and the palace had been disappointing. But the Sangcheon-ri cherry blossom festival was gorgeous. It was just one road completely lined with cherry trees in bloom. Towards the end was a small festival with booths and a stage where a woman came out and sang as we walked around.  We just made our way along the dried river bed taking it all in and a ton of photos. It wasn’t crowded and so peaceful. Out of all my cherry blossom related adventures this year it was my favorite. Which just goes to show you don’t have to get up early or fight your way through crowds to find a nice spot to see the cherry blossoms in Korea. A note though is that the festival was only going on for two days.

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