Kappa Sushi

I realized after I left Tokyo last summer that I had managed to not eat any sushi. And as a person who isn’t particularly in love with sushi this was okay but not a good thing. I like sushi but in the US it’s just too expensive for something that doesn’t make me full. So our new friend led us off to Kappa Sushi. Kappa Sushi is a chain that can be found throughout Japan.

After getting numbers and being lead to your seats you sit before a conveyor belt and a screen (with a foreign language option) and you order your food. I ended up ordering edamame, a mayo avocado salmon, tempura shrimp, corn, grilled salmon, and frozen mango. The mayo avocado salmon  was mostly onion and mayo with little avocado which was disappointing and by the time I was done I’d had my fill of mayo which is why I ordered the frozen mango. I was done after that and pretty content. It was easy to order my food and pay, by having the server come over, count up my plates and put a sticker on my clipboard that the register downstairs rang up.



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