Gon Dai Yuu Gojozaka

On our way down the hill from Kiyomizu-dera we ended up at Gon Dai Yuu Gojozaka for lunch, a nice two story noodle shop. I ordered Wagyu Niku-Udon which was 900 yen. It’s a Japanese beef udon that I ordered cold which was a new way to experience udon for me. When your udon is cold the broth comes in a bowl that you dip everything in. It was delicious, so delicious I mixed it up before taking a photo.

Sorry, it was prettier before I tried mixing the green onions throughout.

My friend ended up ordering the cold tempura udon which was cool looking but too much food for her.


It was a pretty restaurant where we sat on the second floor enjoying the murals on the walls.

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