Malka coffee

Another nice little cafe near where my friend lives is Malka coffee. My friend was telling me all about their coffee bean shaped coffee cakes and I just wanted to have one. Which worked out perfectly for breakfast on my last full day in Daegu. I ordered waffles, coffee cake to share with my friend, and an lemon iced tea then settled into a seat by the windows to wait. Despite ordering the smallest amount of coffee bean cakes we could (10) we were given a lot more and the owner set up the waffles to share. It worked out perfectly and it was nice to share tiny waffles and coffe bean shaped coffe cakes with little peanuts baked into them. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the locals who asked us if it we were enjoying what we ordered and then came over to give us candy and ask where we were from and what we were doing. It was just a nice experience. I also really wish I could have gone back and bought more of the coffee bean cakes to bring home to my coworkers but we ran out of time.

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