The Flying Pan (white) 더플라잉팬화이트


There are about 3 Flying Pans throughout Seoul. The main one is in Itaewon (Flying Plan Blue) where they serve breakfast all day and Flying Pan Red is near Gangam Station. The one in Sinsadong squeezed us in pretty quickly at a shared table with a couple.


I ordered their banana walnut and vanilla ice cream pancakes and an Indian chai latte. Mika ordered eggs and later some rose ade.


I love chai lattes but this one was really bitter. It wasn’t sweet or really full of much flavor and completely disapointing. I kept scooping the vanilla ice cream off my pancakes and stirring it in but it didn’t help. The pancakes were good but not worth the price. And Mika’s rose ade while utterly gorgeous tasted like perfume.

Rose Ade

I’m unsure how different the White Flying Pan is from it’s other two sister restaurants, but the experience was disapointing. It was nice that they had an English menus and that some people on the staff spoke English, but maybe if you want to go stick with water or cola.

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