Jump 점프 at MyungBo Arthall

As per our field trip madness on a wednesday afternoon we took 3 large buses down to Seoul to watch Jump a non-vocal martial arts comedy. I love non-vocal performances, things like Leterna Magica, where you don’t need to know the language because they don’t really use it. The same thing with street performance magic shows. The majority of the show can be followed along by actions, body language and acting.

There is some English and sounds used as comedy. During intermission the actors pick people from the audience in order to help out on the stage (who then receive a gift). One of my coteachers ended up on stage and it was a lot of fun to watch.

The basic plot is that it’s about a wacky martial arts family dealing with intruders. We took our entire elementary and branch elementary school students to the performance and they loved it. There were some crude moments but the comedic timing and acting were absolutely wonderful to watch and fun for everyone who attended. Our students couldn’t sit still in their seats, a little boy in front of me kept jumping up and down in excitement.

Afterwards they had a signing where you could buy a board with the show’s logo on it and meet all the actors and actresses. However due to a dinner reservation we didn’t have any time to do this, much to the disapointment of practically all my students who kept tugging on me asking if we could watch the show again.

The show is about 80 minutes and depending on where you choose your seats between 40,000 won-60,000 won.

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