Honghap Jang Kalguksu

In Korea there’s not really any foods that are just “breakfast” foods. Usually my students just eat what they would eat for lunch or dinner or a snack. Instant noodles tend to be rather popular with my students. For our last day of our trip we went a smidge fancier and had kalguksu 칼국수, specifically mussel kalguksu. Which is a bit like what we had last year for our last meal.


My food was the first one out, because they remembered to specify non-spicy for me. Everyone elses was a bit different. Spicier or less mussel-y. We also started the morning off with potato cakes that the teachers brought in from somewhere else. I love kalguksu noodles and I liked all the cucumber and sesame seeds mixed in but I didn’t like this kalguksu as much as I liked last years.

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