Sokcho Jungang Market 속초 중앙시장

After everyone met up again we took the bus to Sokcho Jungang Market, or the Sokcho Fish Market. We weren’t given a lot of time, just enough for the majority of my coworkers to all get boxes and boxes of the specialty, a type 닭강정 (dakgangjeong). You’d think at a fish market my coworkers would have filled our bus with fish, but nope they filled our bus with chicken. Specifically chicken from 만석닭강정Manseok Dalgangjeong, a shop at Sokcho Jungang Market famous for their sweet and sour fried chicken.

I tried some sweet and sour chicken at the market with a coworker but it was too spicy for me. Delicious, sweet, crunchy, but also spicy. I didn’t try the famous one though because the coworker I was with and I lost the rest of the group early on. We ended up just snacking on street food at the market before heading back to the bus.

What? Of course I also spent my time catching Pokemon. 

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