National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo 東京国立近代美術館

Emily had recently spent some time at MOMAT and suggested it as our way to hide from the sun for a bit and soak up some air conditioning. We got there with just enough time to quickly enjoy some art before the museum closed. We were also lucky because we went on the first Sunday of the month so the normal exhibits were free. The special exhibit was poetry and the poet was there doing signings, but since it was in Japanese we opted to just enjoy the art.

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We took the elevator up to the top floor taking the stairs down between floors. There was a lot of beautiful traditional works and some interesting, if dark, modern art pieces.

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The National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo stops letting in visitors after 4:30pm and closes it’s doors at 5pm. With the exception of Fridays when the museum is open until 8pm. It opens at 10am if you want to go look at art earlier in the day and is closed on Mondays. It costs 430 yen to visit.

It was refreshing to look at art for awhile in an air conditioned space.

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