Ootoya 大戸屋ごはん処

Ootoya is a Japanese chain my friend loves and suggested for dessert after our dinner at Keika Ramen. It was in the basement which wasn’t fun to lug my suitcase down and it was somewhat crowded making it difficult to find a good spot to store it. We ended up putting it between us at the shared table we sat at next to couples on dates and buisnessmen and women eating solo. Most people seemed to be eating dinner. Their speciality is “Teishoku” or sets where you get a variety of dishes at the same time. Usually a main course with rice and miso soup on the side. They also try to go for healthy nutritional food in home cooked style. We however were there for dessert, specifically their parfaits. I picked a more traditional one, lured by the matcha ice cream. It was an  green tea pudding with mochi, red beans, and green tea jelly parfait. It was 398 yen (almost $4)

20160807_203833 (1)
In the menu it’s called  宇治抹茶プリンとわらび餅のパフェ

My friend went for their other parfait.  It was a chocolate gâtaeu (similar to cake) with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and mint parfait. It costs the same as the matcha  one.

20160807_203841 (1)
This is  濃厚ガトーショコラとチョコアイスのパフェ

I love Matcha but I greatly prefered Ezzy’s. Maybe I’m just not a huge fan of jelly like desserts and honestly probably would have been totally happy with that slice of gâtaeu. But I love matcha ice cream and was still pleased with it. It was a fun to share. Their main dishes also looked delicious.


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