Kohikan 珈琲館

Underneath Futakoshinchi station is a small restaurant/cafe called Kohikan. It is outside of the East exit. Ezzy and I went there for a quick breakfast before I was to head into Tokyo for a tour. I ordered pancakes with strawberries.


They weren’t the best pancakes in the world, a little crunch on the outside and the strawberries that came with it were a bit underwhelming. The pancakes were also super dry and soaked up all syrup. They had some fun varieties though but I had a long day ahead of me and it was only the first full day in Tokyo so I didn’t want to spend too much money and also possibly be sick on my tour. So I went simple. A lady came and sat near us and had ordered their coffee which came in a super cool container but was a bit pricier than my friend was willing to pay. Coffee seems to be more of their speciality.

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