Pokemon Center Sunshine City

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do is check out a Pokemon Center in Japan. My friend had some other friends visiting so the four of us met in Ikebukoro station near the owl statue before braving the heat and the packed streets to go to the Sunshine City mall.

The owl statue is a popular meeting spot like Hachiko in Shibuya

Since one of her friends got over heated we didn’t see too much in Ikebukoro or the rest of the mall, but we did manage to explore the packed Pokemon Center rather quickly. The Pokemon Center is essentially a great spot to buy Pokemon things, from plushies to games to cookies.

What I was really hoping for was some early promotional things for the Sun and Moon games. Specifically Mimikyu, but instead I found a ton of Ditto transformed pokemon plushies that were adorable and a lot of pokemon from the recent movies. It was intensely crowded which made exploring the store and doing any shopping difficult, but it was like a childhood dream come true to see so much pokemon merchandise in one spot. Not to mention all the cool statues.

I wish I had brought my 3DS to play, I did try to catch some pokemon on Pokemon Go but the wifi in the mall wasn’t strong so it was difficult to have steady access.

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