Meguro Parasitological Museum 目黒寄生虫館

Warning parsites and possibly upsetting parasite pictures ahead.

In Meguro there is a free museum of parasites. It opens at 10 and stays open until 5pm on all days but Mondays or Tuesdays when it’s closed. My friend and I thought it’d be fun to check out, especially since it’s free.


The first floor is suppose to showcase the diversity of parasites and is filled with jars of specimen. The museum has been around since 1953, first as a research institution then in 2001 as a museum. During its time as a research institution it was funded privately by Satoru Kamegai, a medical docotor whose notes and research you can see on the 2nd floor.

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The 2nd floor was of parasites that affect humans and animals. From tapeworms to what heartworms and stomach worms in animals look like. There was a history of parasites around the world and in Japan, showing the defeat of certain types and the spread, as well as basic information about how the parasites effect humans and communities, including some pretty graphic photos.

The museum was really intersting. Despite having eaten noodles before hand and then wandering around looking at exploding hearts bursting with worms I greatly enjoyed my experience. It sated some morbid curiosity. It was also fascinating to read about Satoru Kamegai and how he conducted his research.


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