Tokyu Hands

After having lunch at the Alice Restaurant I didn’t have much else planned.  It had been suggested to visit Tokyu Hands for souvenirs, so I thought I’d give it a try. Tokyu Hands has a bit of everything, but also special hand made things that were somewhat cheap. I went to the one in Shibuya which was huge. With 9 floors broken up into A B and C segments it took quite awhile to get through. I wandered through their Yokai themed art on the first floor and basement, then up through everything else, eventually settling into their crowded Hands Cafe for a drink. The Yokai themed artist works and their cafe were tied up to go with a theme for the old manga called “GeGeGe no Kitarō”. Theyoffered a variety of “GeGeGe no Kitarō” foods and drinks from curry to panna cotta to a green tea parfait. I ordered their iced cocoa (550 yen) and got to choose which character I wanted decorating the top. I picked Ittan-Momen.


The cafe at the Shibuya Tokyu Hands is mixed in amongst their Science Base. There were science kits, astronaut food, plants, garden equipment, models and specimin jars. It was really interesting.

It was a nice spot to shop for souvenirs, like I had been told. I was able to pick up onsen bath salts for friends and cute/creepy postcards with yokai on them to send people.

20160813_153159 (1)


Their theme seems to change so check it out to see what they’re up to.Like if there are any special events, while I was there they had photo opportunities with people dressed up like yokai for photo opportunities. They also have wifi.

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