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This year my Chuseok vacation was longer and vastly busier. I went to Suwon, spent a night in Seoul, and then headed south. While in Seoul, I caught up with Mika who was about to leave for a Chuseok holiday in Kobe, Japan.

We met up in Hyehwa to check out one of her favorite restaurants, Mix and Malt. Seeing that it was a Monday night before Chuseok the restaurant was rather empty, though we were still greeted by an adorable golden retriever that was resting inside, apparently it has a partner in crime that was out for the night. We settled upstairs, ending up with the entire second floor to ourselves and placed our orders via a touch screen ipad that we then gave to our waiter. We both settled on lasagna and I ended up ordering a cocktail she suggested.

Cassis Frappe

It was lovely and I actually enjoyed it. (Surprise right?)


We were brought out a nice gravy bowl filled with pretzals and honestly I don’t remember the last time I’ve had a pretzal like this. There are Aunt Annie’s in Korea, but I don’t see too many pretzal chips. Plus they were actually salty and not surprisingly sweet. The lasagna was nice, a smidge spicy for me and my whimpy taste buds which meant I couldn’t enjoy the black pepper covered bread on the side and ended up giving those over to Mika. Their menu seems to be of a lot of “foreign food” like pastas. The lasagna was really good and sometimes they change up the bread on the side.

They don’t have dessert on the menu but Mika loves the drink I got so she got it for dessert and I spotted egg nog on the menu and ordered it. The menu says hot, but thankfully since it was hot outside they served it to me cold.

egg nog available all year long, yes please!

Mix and Malt is a popular cocktail bar open from 3pm until 2am. They also occasionally have special events.

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