Daereungwon Tomb Complex 대릉원

All throughout Gyeongju are tombs that look a bit like giant hills or mounds. Accross from Nordic is the Daereungwon Tomb complex famous for Cheonmachong and Hwangnamdaechong Tomb. Hwangnamdaechong Tomb is the biggest, with two tombs of a royal husband and wife and a remarkable amount of gold and relics buried with them.  However you can’t see in it and only know what it is by a little plaque nearby.

Cheonmachong is actually open.


Cheonmachong is known as the Heavenly Horse Tomb which is where the flying horse painting was found. It’s believed to be the tomb of a Shilla King. Most of the artifacts found in the tomb are on display at a museum, so in their place are replicas.

All of the other mounds outside of Cheonmachong are not open. Walking around was really peaceful and beautiful, but it was a bit disapointing that we couldn’t see more of what had been found at the complex. I would have been happy even if they were just replicas like Cheonmachong.

It’s 2,000 won to visit.

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