Bulguksa Temple 불국사

The day after Chuseok we planned another day trip, heading up Tohsmsan Mountain to visit Bulguksa Temple. We took the bus (11) up the mountain, relieved that we had decided to do so since on our first day we thought everything was in walking distance. It took a little over an hour before we were dropped off.  We paid 5,000 won each, were given a receipt and then made our way up through the temple, running on fumes. Neither of us had slept well in our hostel the night before and after a failed breakfast we weren’t in the highest of spirits. The temple was pretty, busy, and filled with UNESCO world heritage items and Buddhas you couldn’t take pictures of.

We made our way through the temple grounds like zombies in the soft rain until we were about ready to leave and I spotted an arrow in the dirt pointing back towards a temple. I stared at the temple a bit and after a little bit of research found out that there’s a hidden lucky wooden pig, and two dragons hidden in the temple’s awnings, one eating a fish and the other with a jewel in it’s mouth. The sudden surprise scavenger hunt momentarily brightened our mood and we excitedly walked around with renewed interest, not leaving until we’d found all three and rubbed the golden pig for luck.



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